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Power Clean Numbers Compared to Deadlift Numbers


I was wondering what everyones power clean to deadlift ratio was?

For some reason I've always thought that deadlift is around 2x powerclean(from ground). I could be wrong, so what are you power clean and deadlift numbers?

I recently powercleaned 240 from the ground. After that I pulled an easy 315x3 just cuz with a lot left in the tank with a power clean grip. Wondering what my max could be, may actually try it next week. I havent deadlifted in a couple years.


I power cleaned 105 kilos with a 170 kg deadlift, so 61.7 %.


I don't power so I couldn't tell you , but it would be around that area I guess.


dead 405
hang clean 155


I deadlift 395 and I can hang clean about 185


I think a good way to tell is by looking at the world records, I can't actually find one for just the power clean but if its close to C&J its about 600lbs. So 50-60% of DL seems about right just depends how you prioritize them I guess.


I havent done them since my junior year in high school (~5 years ago) but this is what my stats were.

Hang clean 185
deadlift 315


power clean 205# first time doing them so not very good
deadlift 505#


It really depends how you train. An Olympic lifter will have a much stronger power clean, and a powerlifter will have a much stronger deadlift. I feel like those top Olympic lifters deadlift relatively little more than their max C+J, and the top deadlifters probably power clean a relatively small amount compared to their deadlift.

If you want to be a powerlifter, focus on bringing up your deadlift...cleans aren't part of your total.

That being said, I power clean a little more than half my top deadlift.


Best deadlift ever: 585 lbs.
Best clean ever: 165kg.

My deadlift needs work...


810 pull and a 340 clean. I think the correlation is about zero though. Power clean form and deadlift form require completely different set-ups and completely different bar speeds.


I think this is not an accurate estimate of anything. The two are totally different.



Power clean (when I'm bored) : 65kg
DLs: 160kg


My ratio is right about 2:1, but I agree with others that I don't think this is really significant or meaningful in any way.


Power Clean-175kg

All depends on technique used in the clean though


power clean :205
deadlift: 500


powerclean 255lbs
deadlift 475lbs

But I haven't done too many power cleans in training.


Currently raw deadlift PR is 225 kg done in competition and power clean PR is 100 kg only, but i do not train it for example in 2010 i just tried cleans in 2 training days only.


those are some sick numbers!


dl 475
last time I powercleaned a couple months ago