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Power Clean Needs Work



I need help with my power clean form. I have a 200kg Squat and a 150kg Front Squat so I'm pretty sure I'd be able to Power Clean a
lot more if my form was better.

There's the video


There it is again to copy and paste if the embedding doesn't work


How far off from your best power clean were those reps? The main issue I see is speed through the middle which seems to cause you to muscle the bar a bit kinda like an extended deadlift. It also looks like you cut the pull short could be tight hip flexors or just not bein used to the finish. Warm ups with over head walking lunges with a plate, occaisional kbell swing work, and this drill from john north have helped me.


strange i know but it works


Thanks for the tips.

Those actually are my best lifts in the Power Clean. I've just started doing them. I feel like I'm not finishing my pull but I don't know what kind of cues to think about to help finish the last pull.

When you say speed through the middle, is that before the jump?


I was actually referring to the jump itself, sorry for the confusion. You already have plenty of momentum on the bar before you get to the hip extension the problem I see is that there isnt a full extension at the hip and it kinda seems like you use your afformentioned strength to muscle the bar up rather than getting that hip snap to do all the work. After the hip snap the bar should feel weightless and the majority of your thought process should be getting under the bar and not pulling the bar up. Another tidbit which you can try, that my help a little bit is to start the lift with your hips a bit lower. Some don't think it's terribly important but I coach it with the athletes I have (crossfitters mostly who are lookin for the oly lifting quick fix) and it seems to help.