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Power Clean Motivational Video



finally, a football training video with decent power cleans.


x2, but what's with the spotting? I haven't seen that before


Haha he said "eat shit motherfucker!"

Are those plates each 45's? So everyone in there was doing over 3 plates? That's pretty crazy if they were


or maybe he said "aint shit motherfucker." Either way, great video. Can't wait to power clean tomorrow


don't think so...


Impressive stuff mate. Form not bad at all!

Looks like they have some decent coaches out there!



are those 6' bars??


Wait how much are they then?


I think those are 25lbs bumper plates with larger 45lbs metal plates mixed in.


Maybe they are 45's with two 25's? Now that iw atch it over there is no way some of those dudes are throwing up 315 like that


The weightroom isn't equipped with enough 45 bumper plates to load up every bar, but the inside plate on every bar is a 45. Alot of the bars are loaded with 35s and 25s mixed in. The very last kid in the video cleaned 365 pounds, and the first kid had on 255. At some point I'm going to go in and edit the video with everybodies weights popping up as they are lifting. There were only 2 kids in this video with less than 300 pounds on the bar.


good lifting. those bars looked a little small. are they standard and you guys just make them look small or are they smaller


Damn, good shit



good stuff! thanks for posting. the full clean is one of the best overall power/muscle builders out there, and seeing a bunch of young bucks kicking ass on some "real" lifting is motivational.

250-300 lbs is very attainable for anybody who puts in the work for a year or so...unless they are like under 170lbs.

I sort of equate a 300lb clean with a 500lb deadlift...nothing special but respectable and should happen if you work consistently for a period of time.

when you get over that mark...progress is much slower. remember, this is not an equipped squat or deadlift, 500lb clean is elite for superheavyweights.

a bunch of college football players cleaning 300 is not IMO "pretty crazy" but once they start getting close to 400...that is very impressive.