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Power Clean Max Training.


I'm very new to these forums, been lurking for awhile before I decided to register. To start off and introduce myself; I'm 17 years old, 6'0 and 230, and have been lifting for about 2 years now, not that long of a time compared to other veteran lifters, but enough to understand the basics of lifting, the do's and don'ts, and how to master most of the stances. I'm also a Defensive Linemen for my schools Football team. And in pretty decent shape for someone my age/size.

Skipping to the point, I'm mainly posting this topic to ask what a good workout to increase my Power Clean max would be. I don't really ever had a set workout to increase my Power Clean max but currently I'm cleaning 225, hoping to achieve about 300 before January. I do take supplements; Whey Protein and Cassien Protien. Also; If anyone know of any supplements that are proven to increase Strength, I'm not that worried about mass that much, please don't be afraid to suggest them. I try to stray away from Creatine but again, I'm open for suggestions.

I'm not asking you to map out my whole workouts but to give me a basic workout that I can do to increase my Power Clean max; I have a basic idea but I doubt it would do much compared to what I can ask my from this forum.

And if this thread is in the wrong section, didn't really have a 100% idea on where to place, I don't mind deleting and reposting or if a Mod would mind moving it.

Thanks in advance;

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Just a question, is there any reason why you want your power clean to increase? Do you want it to increase for football performance or do you just want to increase your clean?


Mainly football performance but I also want it to increase for personal reasons.


I would suggest a more realistic goal--75 lbs on your clean is a little ridiculous. This is assuming you already are proficient in the lift and are not limited by technique of course. Intermediate lifters who have been lifting for a few years would be glad to increase their power clean max by 25-30 lbs in a year.

To increase your powerclean you need to do other things other than cleaning, such as clean pulls from various heights and squats. I would focus increasing your clean pull/deadlift max along with your squat and your numbers will in the clean will follow. What does you training look like now? Are you following a known program or one of your own creation?

You don't protein supplements to get stronger. You can eat good quality food keeping track of your macros and get pretty stupid strong saving you money in the process. As far as supplements are concerned I would consider taking creatine monohydrate (none of the gimmicky shit just plain old hydrate), as it has been well documented to be effective and should be the bread and butter of a supplementation regiment even before protein powders.


I'm currently working out twice a day following my coaches' workouts. During the school day I do an ordinary lift written by my weight training coach and later on after classes are over our team hits the weight room and lift again there. In my off season I had a self-made training program but like I just said I'm following one my coaches made. We just maxed out last week and in our weight training class were starting workouts this week. Currently I'm benching 275, Squatting 415, and Power Cleaning 225. We haven't maxed deadlifted and probably arn't unless it's suggested.

My form is near perfect, in my eyes, and come Tuesday I'll post a video of me powercleaning if you would to see if I'm doing anything wrong or can improve/change anything.

I'm on a decent diet and in the earlier thread that was in the Bodybuilding forum Monohydrate Creatine was suggested and I'm going to look some up now at my local GNC. BCAA's were also suggested but I'm going to need information on these since this is my first time hearing of those.


Without knowing your coaches programing or goals and what he is prescribing I nor anyone else can make any good solid recomendations. If you are hitting the weights twice a day it is suggestive he may not have have a good program.


It's 2 different coaches. I'll ask for a workout plan were going be doing over the course of the next couple weeks and post it on here come tuesday.


I would follow only one of the two if it is worth a shit. Following two different programs is a really a bad idea if you are trying to get strong and powerful.


Man, That sucks ya'll Ima bow out on this one! Ive done alot of reasearch on this movement, I soon found out about its total body benefits and football prowess that i had one of my c.s.c.s budies help with the critiquing of my form over a few weeks of figueing it out i would just do my powerlifting workout i'de get home from the gym i would do 8x3 and just work up 5lbs per set.

I know kind of ameture of me but hell it work in my favor i went from and 85lb p.c to a 255lbs p.c in about 9 months i also went from 465lbs squat to a 585lbs squat and a 415lbs dead to a 570lbd dead and well for the life of me i couldnt believe that my bench went from 235lbs bench to a 305lbs bench and a 2 rep maxout in a 2ply shirt of 345lbs. I poped a vessel in my eye on that one ill just say there great. but they just came to me i never had 2 do much to get my way up.


If your form is 'near perfect' you WILL NOT PC an extra 34kg/ 75lbs in 3months. If your form had a ridiculous amount of issues and you PC 100kg I could see you maybe adding 34kg in say 4-5months if you were religous in your training.

One question. If you have access to a weight training coach would he not be able to write you a decent programme to get you to 300lbs PC? Or he doesn't teach you to PC?

Post videos and we can access your form. You will a huge jump in your front squats to help you PC 300lbs. It's no mean feat and with less then very good technique it is a lot harder to do.



lol at the 415 squat. tested it for football really? im smell 1/8 squats maybe just maybe 1/4-1/2 id like a vid to prove me worng and if i am i apologize


3 Amino acids, Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine.

Used preferentially by the muscles before other tissues.

Speeds recovery and growth, but it's pretty expensive.


Our weightraning class in our current state is alot of bullshit. Alot has happened to our school in the past year which resulted in our Offensive line coach leaving, who was also the weightraning instructor, along with our head coach. The 2 coaches we have now don't put their programs together much so I'll be working 2 completely different parts on the same day. And our new instructor is turning the class into more of a 30mins of stretching follow by 30mins of running, follow by what seems to be 30mins of lifting.

I'll post a video of my form come tuesday once classes start back.


Don't understand what you mean by tested it for football. But I'll also post a video of me squatting. When I first started lifting I was taught form before actually going on to the heavier weights. So your going have to believe that it wasn't a bullshit squat but, if you still want a video I'll post it along with my clean form.


video plz just at least at my football weightroom 99% of the kids 1/4 squat and theirs a few of them who dont and i hope you dont as you will be way ahead of the game if you go parallel. Most high schoolers are just naive about what parallel actually is. i know from being one


Alright I'll post another come tomorrow after classes or tonight after our practice is over.


honestly, with a 415 squat, 275 bench, and a 225 pc at @ 230, id say screw the 1rm pc. keep pounding out the big three. youll get more out of quality work with the main movements than you will with a single heavy pc.

for reference, my best pc ever was 245 @ 185, at the end of last wrestling season and it was pathetic as hell. i was slow out of the bottom. i dont feel like i benefitted at all except having decent clean form. it didnt carry over to wrestling and it was holding back my other lifts.

when i dropped all the pc doubles and singles, my other lifts shot up and i got, overall, stronger and quicker. this summer, after not cleaning for a good 4 months, i cleaned an easy 265. why not just focus on the big lifts? you could get brutally strong if youre doing it right.


My two cents...

I have power cleaned with a very high catch as much as 375lbs. Off and on through the years after a little work I can hit 350lbs. regularly.

  1. Get a bigger deadlift
  2. When training power cleans- I've done one day a week with 4x3 powercleans with a weight not exceeding 80% of max superset with high pulls 30lbs heavier for sets of 3.
  3. I've also hit bigger powerclean weights with with only once a week working sets of high/low pulls with chains on the bar. Work up to your max power clean weight plus chains, 50lbs. seemed right for me, then drop the chains and hit your max.
  4. Get a bigger deadlift

Good luck