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Power Clean Max Training.


I'm very new to these forums, been lurking for awhile before I decided to register. To start off and introduce myself; I'm 17 years old, 6'0 and 230, and have been lifting for about 2 years now, not that long of a time compared to other veteran lifters, but enough to understand the basics of lifting, the do's and don'ts, and how to master most of the stances. I'm also a Defensive Linemen for my schools Football team. And in pretty decent shape for someone my age/size.

Skipping to the point, I'm mainly posting this topic to ask what a good workout to increase my Power Clean max would be. I don't really ever had a set workout to increase my Power Clean max but currently I'm cleaning 225, hoping to achieve about 300 before January. I do take supplements; Whey Protein and Cassien Protien. Also; If anyone know of any supplements that are proven to increase Strength, I'm not that worried about mass that much, please don't be afraid to suggest them. I try to stray away from Creatine but again, I'm open for suggestions.

I'm not asking you to map out my whole workouts but to give me a basic workout that I can do to increase my Power Clean max; I have a basic idea but I doubt it would do much compared to what I can ask my from this forum.

And if this thread is in the wrong section, didn't really have a 100% idea on where to place, I don't mind deleting and reposting or if a Mod would mind moving it.

Thanks in advance;


Try the strength forum, bodybuilders don't really use much olympic lifts if at all.


Btw, why are you trying to stay away from creatine? You're not responding well to it? Too expensive? Or are you just not bothered about it?


Appreciate it.


Creatine and BCAAs... don't be afraid of creatine. Good luck!


Money won't be a problem.


I think the simplest way of doing this is just using a 5/3/1 template for power cleans twice a week (i.e. your 2 lower body lifting days). 5/3/1 is a program by Jim Wendler, it basically goes like this: Week 1 = 3x5, Week 2 = 3x3, Week 3 = 1x5, 1x3, 1x1 (hence, 5/3/1). Week 4 would preferably be your de-load week, so you do not go as heavy as normal for the cleans. The program asks to max out on reps on the last set, but do not do this with power cleans since form is easy to break. Since you gave your max, percentages can be done:

Week 1 = 1x5 @ 75%, 1x5 @ 80%, 1x5 @ 85%
Week 2 = 1x3 @ 80%, 1x3 @ 85%, 1x3 @ 90%
Week 3 = 1x5 @ 75%, 1x3 @ 85%, 1x1 @ 95%
Week 4 = 1x5 @ 40%, 1x5 @ 50%, 1x5 @ 60%

Remember that all of these reps should be in good form, and that your starting weight should be conservative so you don't burn out too quickly. After 4 weeks, increase the weight by 5-10 pounds and start the process over.


What I was told from one of my earlier coaches was that Creatine made your heartbeat irregular and didn't really increase your strength but instead put water into your muscles. After this I began taking Whey and Cassein Protien.


Creatine can be very beneficial if it works for the person (for me I don't notice a difference). What your coaches said is debunked myth, just be sure to take pure creatine (monohydrate creatine) and no other variants.


Any suggestions or ways to tell if it is pure creatine?


It should say it on the label. "Monohydrate Creatine" on the front and the nutrition facts label. This site sells it in their store, it is cheap.


Appreciate it, posting a new thread about this in the Strength forum.