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Power Clean Jumping?

I have recently started incorporating power cleans into my routine. One aspect of where my form differs from others I have seen is that on the second pull, my feet leave the ground and end up a considerable distance further than they started from. I have seen and heard conflicting information as to the form, some say a jump and wider feet are ok, some make no mention of it. Insight is appreciated. Thanks.


I do the same thing when I power or hagn clean. The reason for this (at least for me) is that I fail to drop my ass fast enough or far enough to get under the bar. To make up for this my feet jump wide, which lowers my body, along with dropping my ass.

To be technical, this isn’t true power clean form, as you should end in more of a front squat. (youtube some videos of true olympic lifters, you’ll see what I mean if you don’t already) I don’t know what the biomechanical difference between the two is, but in my opinion and experience, getting the bar to the chest through hip explosion is the point of the exercise, whether you split your feet or not. Competition rules may differ from my opinion, but if you aren’t competing, I personally don’t see what’s wrong with doing them that way.

Spreading the feet apart to catch the bar on the power clean is bad from for a few reasons. 1/ the knees tend to track in too far putting alot of pressure on the knee, 2/ the point of the powerclean is to minimise pulling youself under the bar, the more you do that the less power you have generated, because you are essentially shortening the distance you are moving the bar.