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Power Clean = Garbage

My power clean is garbage. I only use my arms to bring it up and i cant snap my elbows under the bar eithier. So basically my form is shot. Im wondering if anyone here on T-Nation did certain exercises or something to help them when they where starting out power cleaning.

Have you read the new article?

Sounds like you need to do some stretching to me.

Check out the new article, it should help.

Think about an upright row, and not a reverse curl.

No, don’t think about an upright row. Your arms and shoulders should not be put to use in the clean portion of the lift. All the power produced should come from first the legs and glutes, followed by the back in the extension, and finally by the traps in the shrug at the end. Think of your arms more as hooks that attach the bar to your body.

Find a good video of a power clean on the net. Then tape yourself doing a clean with a digital camera and compare the two. It’s much easier to find your trouble spots this way. Often times what you think is wrong from a first person perspective is caused by other things that can’t be seen other than by observing yourself from the third person.

First of all, great day to post this with the new article on cleans.

2nd, as the article states, try some hang cleans before going from the floor. I can definately relate to your problem, when i started to do cleans, my main problem was catching the bar on my front delts and not merely holding it in front of me.

I have found, and mind you I am very ignorant of good power clean form, that I often have the problem you describe for the first rep, but in the subsequent reps my legs figure it out. I have a hypothesis, but I was wondering if anybody else had some more informed input.

What I ment was to think about your arms during an upright row (elbows come up high, elbows are above your wrists, shoulders shruged), and not a reverse curl (just that, a reverse curl). Pull high, then catch.

You are correct most of the power should come from the triple extension at the ankle, knees and hips.

Maybe you need to drop the weight and focus on each step of the lift. Here are two articles I found to be interesting…