Power clean form...

mm i just noticed that on a power clean my feet end up a bit wider and further back (about 6 inmches wider and 3/4 inches back ) from where they started… i certainly feel like im jumping upward but is this unacceptable? should the feet land where they started? I dont feel out of control with the weight… im just wondering if there are any problems with this?


its pretty normal to jump your feet out and back a bit when you do power cleans or cleans. most coaches instruct a person to jump them out, but NOT forward or rearward, however, a LOT of world records have been set jumping backwards, sometimes up to 6 inches. i currently coach a 16 year old 152lb lifter who cleans 352lbs, and he jumps back about 5 or 6 inches, and it doesnt seem to hurt him. with the small amount you are jumping, i wouldnt worry about it at all.

ok thanks alot glenn. but wow… thats a strong kid youre training!!

That’s one strong kid!

So with the jump back, the path of the bar is more ‘towards’ the body then straight up? I assume that’s the case, but clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

for most lifters, seemingly especially lifters of the lighter weight classes, the bar usually comes off the floor moving slightly towards the lifters, this facilitates the center of gravity going from the middle of the foot to the heel for the second pull. the bar is still going to loop out a little bit for the second pull. but we are still talking about only a couple of inches of horizontal displacement till the final pull happens.

and to the other two posters… yeah, he is strong, but still not strong enough to make the top 10 board by formula for our team!

Thanks glenn