Power Clean Form

Hello CT!

Warm greetings from Finland. I’m a huge fan of yours, and I would appreciate very much if you had the time to give some quick feedback about my cleans.

I’m currently re-learning clean after I realized all the bad habits I’ve created during the ego-lifting newbie years. I think I have now learned the basics of the lift, and I’m very driven to take my cleaning from “not bad” to “decent”. Would be nice to hear about the flaws that need to be corrected.

Here are two slow-motion videos of my cleans, from hang and from the floor. Weight used is 60 kg, which is about 70% of my current hang power clean max (with good form). One problem I see myself is that my knees fall little too much into valgus position while catching the clean (especially when pulling from the floor). And maybe my whole weight is incorrectly shifting forward too?

Power Clean

Hang Power Clean

Google ThibArmy. Go to the blog and find the video series on the clean. My form isn’t bad and I still found it very informative and useful.

I’m travelling, back from a seminar I will get back to you tomorrow

Thank you in advance, looking forward to hear your comments.

You positing in the starting position and at the knees is fine. but your second pull and pull under are not optimal. You are hyperextending your back too much instead of being more vertical and you don’t move under the bar at all. In a power clean you should go down into a half squat (or at least a quarter squat). It’s NOT a jump up. It’s a PULL up and JUMP DOWN under the bar…

Thank you very much, I’ll try to focus on the things you mentioned!

Hello CT!

I’ve been trying to improve my form according to your advice, and here’s how it looks now:

Does it look any better? I certainly feel more stable this way, but just wanted to hear if I’m on the right track!

Thank you in advance!

Dude, that is such an awesome improvement! The only thing I’d like to see is keeping a full grip in the catch position, not a finger tip grip

Thank you so much, I’ll close my grip and keep on working!