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Power Clean Form


Well I am going to be done with my beginners program in about 2 weeks, and im thinking for my next block or soon after i want to follow a program that has power cleans in them, seeing as i want to get my vj to around 35 summer time.

Anyways this is me today first time trying power cleans, I know my form is pretty bad and its only 95lbs, all tips/help on how to improve would greatly be appreciated,i think im going too slow? and i also keep jumping back


Set position. Hips are too low. True that your hips will be lower than when doing deadlift but you are almost completely vertical.

After first pull, barbell is too far away from body.

Scooping too high and muscling up weight with arms, rather than using the explosion of the body.

See if you can find a coach or another knowledgeable person to check out your form.


thanks for the help :slightly_smiling: i looked into getting acoach, unfortunately it was extremely expensive and i cannot afford it right now,

if you dont mind me asking, why should the hips be higher, and by exploding with the body do you mean coming up faster in general?


Well, the pull from the floor should not be faster. I am talking about when you explode when the bar gets above the knee. Your arms should not exert any force. They are just holding on to the bar, going for the ride, so to speak. Don't use them to muscle the bar up.

Yeah, from my perspective, it looks like you are squatting the bar from the set position. One problem with this is that your body is not forming an angle over the bar, so you can't explode when you scoop. Maybe someone else will have something to add.

Also, stop looking up when you are in the set position.


Also see if you can get hold of a copy of Rippetoe's "Starting Strength", Second edition. It is not going to be as helpful as a coach but it will help on some of these points.


ok thanks for everything ^^ I think i have a fairly good idea on what to improve in my head, we will see if it translates to action in 2days lol, prolly shouldnt have messed around it today because i had a brutal leg workout yesterday but couldnt help myself, thanks again


Don't powerclean around breakables :slight_smile:

The way I learned it is like this:
1) Set the bar over the balls of your toes (you do this) and your hips between your knees and your shoulders (I can't get more specific, it depends on the person)

2) Start the first pull by pushing the legs into the ground. Your upper body should remain more or less at the same angle to the floor as in your set-up.

3) When your legs are almost straight (ALMOST!! but not quite, otherwise your leverage will be shit. You should be in a high RDL position-ish thing), the bar should be above your knees, and you explode the bar up to your shoulders.

4) Rack the bar on your shoulders proudly like the man you are.

Hope this helps.

Rippetoes is also recommended.
As is Dan John's free book on oly lifting, lifting from the ground up. I think it's at danjohn.org


Looks decent except for a few things. That jump back you did; you're feet shouldn't move much at all. Also the weight looks too light for you. I second that you should try to keep the bar a little closer to you're body. Also your hips are too low to start with so try to keep them as high as you can while keeping the angle in your back with your chest up. Hope this helps. Practice makes perfect. I agree with entheogens, buy Starting Strength.


Stop jumping backwards. Chest out and arch your lower back.


What about "shrugging" with the upper back to blast the weight up?

Once I get to the high RDL phase I imagine shrugging and using hip drive. My arms don't seem to carry the load this way.

I'm a rank novice at powercleans so I'm wondering if this is safe?


Good call. He needs to shrug during the "second pull" but I dont think he has enough weight on the bar yet to apply it. The bar would just over pull and come crashing down on him. OP add some weight to the bar and shrug you're shoulders straight up as you lift your heels.


thanks for the advice everyone ^^ and yes i think the weight is too light but it was my first time ever trying this, and we just moved into the new house so i havent setup in the basement yet, not too safe where im doing it hehe, im taking mental notes of everyones advice, also reading starting strength power clean method and watching aton of videos, ill have anew video up within aweek hopefully improved, thanks all