Power Clean Form Problem

I taught myself to do PC’s after doing Hang Cleans for a while. I didn’t have a problem with them when I found my 5 rep max, but a couple weeks later (now) I am starting to mess them up. When I lift, the bar has to go a little bit off my body (farther then I think is normal) to go past my knees.

This causes problems for me throughout the rest of my lift. I also go onto my toes right after I raise the bar past my knees. Am I not keeping my shins vertical enough throughout the lift? Can someone give a detailed video/explaination for the Power Clean?

You guessed it. I think you should concentrate more on keeping your knees behind your toes. Start with the bar in the middle of your feet .

It starts off the floor as a deadlift so remember to keep your back straight and keep the bar as close to your body as possible. You should have rubs on your shins if your doing it right. Also try to visualise the bar popping straight up vertically and you getting underneath it, there shouldnt be any outward curve to it.

Also the power comes from the hips so start in a half-squat as far up as you can go with your chest out.

At the end of the pull part, you should be on your toes just a little and you shoulders shrugged as the bar keeps going up on its own, it should not be any more than 5 inches from your body throughout the whole movement.

I did heavy power cleans last night. They just take alot of practice to get them down consistantly. Going heavy feels alot different than light. Keep up the good work!!

Step 1: Good starting position.

  • weight on middle of foot
  • hips between shoulders and knees

Step 2: First pull

  • Go slowly until weight clears your knees
  • Keep upper torso at same angle to the ground throughout the first pull (so that your hips and shoulders rise at exactly the same rate).

Step 3: Second pull

  • Once the bar clears your knees, your legs should be almost fully extended (some bend in them still though, see above picture).
  • Explode upward with hips and traps

Then catch it.

Post a vid if you can, might help us, help you if we can see what you’re doing wrong.

[quote]tw0scoops2 wrote:
Post a vid if you can, might help us, help you if we can see what you’re doing wrong.[/quote]

Unfortunately, I can’t. I don’t have anything to record with. Plus, my computer doesn’t seem to take pictures/videos when I try to add them.