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Power Clean Form Check


Form Check Please


Form looks a little erratic.


Looks fine, bud.


Weight seems too light for a decent form check. Hips start way high on every rep. Get them lower for more power and less low back stress.

Clean pull: There was no shrug and the bar gets pretty far away from you. Fix both of those.

1st rep: Stand up to lock out after racking, otherwise not bad.

2nd rep: No rep, it had you falling backwards.

3rd rep: Pause for a quick second when standing instead of dumping the bar immediately. Otherwise, it was the only good rep (other than the starting hip position).

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what’s the goal?

If the goal is to perfect technique to maximize your clean and jerk numbers, this is pretty sloppy. It’s not terrible by any means, but it’s very loose, and all the things Chris mentioned are particularly relevant.

If the goal is just to work on explosion, and catching the bar in the rack position, and just be able to perform a clean in general, this is fine.

If the goal is building substantial muscle, it’s not heavy enough. And I personally prefer high pulls to cleans for that purpose. Avoiding the catch allows one to go heavier and closer to failure, complete more reps, and not worry about ‘missed’ reps. A missed high pull is just a high pull that doesn’t go as high, lol.

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Yea I wanna be proficient in clean and lift as much weight as possible.


What about jumping timing and stuff?


gotcha. I suggest posting in the olympic lifting forum then.

I’m not an expert on Oly lifting by any means, but I do train with oly lifters. I never see them training like you are here. They take their time on every single rep, and perform it to completion. You aren’t doing that here, you’re rushing through your set.


I want you to clarify something here. Do you want to clean as much as possible or do you want to develop your power? They might not be the same.

  1. Cleaning as much weight as possible will require you do learn the full clean which is catching it in a front squat. You’ll have to start over with your technique. It may it may not build the most power though.

  2. To build power you need to pull explosively. If you want to power clean (like you’re doing) then the bar has to move higher in order for you to catch it in the half or quarter squat position. It requires more power to pull the bar to this height compared to a full clean done with the same weight.

The reason I point this out is that I’m a power guy. When I was healthy and able to front squat and power clean, I could power clean more than I could front squat. I’m okay with that because I’m looking for power development. I’m tall and seem to be built for pulling more than pressing (squatting).

A 275 lb power clean fits my goals better than a 225 lb full clean.

Edit: the Olympic advocates would tell me to learn their technique and just get stronger until I can clean even more weight but I’m not built for that.


The issues I pointed out are a higher priority than jump timing and stuff, especially the starting hip position.