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Power Clean Form Check



I’d appreciate any tips on how to improve my form if any of you guys have some.


Well, not bad for. New guy. Your catch (turnover) is actually decent. You really need to hit full extension. I don’t know if better technique will yield immediate pounds, but a more rearward and vertical catch, elbows high and proud, might save some back stress.

Keep working.

And squat. More squatting makes cleans easier… and technique comes easy when strength accompanies it.


Thanks for the tips.


Technique feels solid and should be way better at lower weight. But your back was already rounded when you started lifting and you kept it that way… Harder to fully extend and you catched low on the shoulders. Work your dl and bracing and you should be good.


A few thing to work on:

  1. Start with your hips lower.
  2. Your lower back is rounded (flexed) during the initial pull, keep it extended.
  3. Use your legs off the floor, your back angle is at 90 degrees when the bar reaches your knees. Try to keep your hips down throughout the first pull so that the back angle is around 45 degrees when the bar reaches your knees.
  4. Keep your arms straight until the finish pull, you are bending them too soon.
  5. Check out the form of top weightlifters and compare your positions to them.