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Power Clean Form Check

Did 5 sets of 3 power cleans toward and its my first time actually recording my lifts, had a friend there. If I had to describe them in one word, it would be ugly. Do give me some feedback on how I can improve and I’m sure there are tons of places that needa fixing.

first set of power cleans

third set of power cleans in slow mo

last set of power cleans, tried starting from the floor for every rep

Did more power cleans today. Would really appreciate some feedback about now. I’ve noticed that my elbows aren’t fast enough so I was way more conscious for the subsequent sets, didn’t record them though.

2nd set of my power cleans for the day

dont literally jump just explode at the hips knees and ankles. also it looks like at times you let the bar drift away from you on the ascent, keep it close at all times.

You’re jumping forward. This is mainly happening because you’re getting into the second pull too early. Stay over the bar longer and keep your back tighter. Keep the chest up as you pull. Ideally, you should be staying in the same place to jumping slightly back.