Power Clean Form Check

What’s up guys, I’ve been playing around with cleans as an accessory movement to a powerlifting routine for like 12 weeks. Nobody ever taught me them and I somehow figured out a thing or two from youtube.

I know and see a problem concerning lack of full extension when I hit heavier weights (100 kg is 1RM for me) and will be grateful for any cues regarding that and other technical mistakes

Looks like your pulling(rowing) with your arms too soon(before your shrug). You can’t get any force from the full extension to the bar because your arms are already bent.

It’s just a timing thing.

Try some power snatches from the hang. With the wide grip, your arms will be held straight. It will be hard to pull with your arms, or “row” with this grip. You’ll need maximum POP from your triple extension and shrug motion. This will teach you the proper timing for the power clean. It will also teach you to keep the bar real close to your body as you pull.

If you don’t have someone to teach you how to snatch, I wouldn’t try and do any snatches. It’s no easier to keep your arms straight in a snatch than it is in a clean. And, because the movements are different, you can learn one correctly and then have problems in the other.

First, start by internally rotating your shoulders and then pushing your chest up (think a lat spread pose). And stay over the bar longer. You are engaging your back to early. Try and think of pushing the floor away, or like you are unfolding yourself in a straight line.

You’re also not starting with your arms straight. Flex your triceps and actively push your arms straight.

You’re putting the snatch on a pedestal.

You are pulling with bent arms like farmer said. Stop doing that.

Need to get your butt down and and drive the extension with hips.

That should help bring the bar into your shoulders on the catch and help you be more vertical.

[quote]FlatsFarmer wrote:
You’re putting the snatch on a pedestal. [/quote]

No, the snatch is simply a more technically complex movement with a smaller margin of error. If he was going to start from the floor, he may lack the necessary flexibility to get into a proper starting position with hips low, back flat, shoulders over the bar. Good for him if he can, but he can fix his problems much more easily without trying to learn a new exercise.

Thank you for answers!
As far as snatch is concerned, flexibility is OK because I performed a lot of snatch-grip deads and high pulls off the floor. I’ve been doing power snatches for like a month and I will concentrate on your cues.

Coming back to cleans, I didn’t realize the issue of rowing the bar.
In the last few days I worked on starting position and I see a lot of improvement. What’s more, I realized that I just wanted to do everything too early.
Thanks one more time