Power Clean Form Check

hi guys just trying to gain 1.5x bw lift in the power clean… just want critisim on my form… and i ordered weightlifting shoes and im a big liker in mobilitywod…

dont be gentle!

Well, first thing I would tell you is to drop your hips at the start. The rest of the lift looks okay, but you’re too slow, so you need to get faster getting under the bar.

working on pause hang cleans to get my transition faster… i really like working on reps of percentages to guestimate a max… like 185x5 reps should be 225/230 max?

Hips are still too high at the start. Pause it right when you come off the floor and you can see that your shoulders are too far over the bar. Your arms should be vertical, not angled back toward you.

You can work on percetnages if that’s what you like, but keep in mind that it will not necessarily translate directly into a specific 1-RM lift. There are other things to consider when you go after that 1RM. The best way is to work up to a 1RM one day and just see what you put up.

thank you man i totally agree! i work daily maxes and after work on other variations at the percentages, or jerks… is power jerk translated to the speed in catching the bar? I also practice conditioning using TAQ by alex morako and it has benefited me greatly

just got my shoes in today will try 225 (hopefully attack 230) tomorrow i think im gonna crush it ill have video!

also i need to man up and do front squats after workouts now and stop putting them off… they are an obvious help… and i maxed BS 335 below parallel ill post video tomorrow!

cheers oly!

pr’d 225, gotta get to 275!

Arm pull too much before full extension. Pull under the bar, don’t pull the bar up.