Power Clean Form Check

Hey…I just wanted to check my form on the power clean…i’ve never had any coaching…just learned the form by reading forums/articles on T-Nation.

some things i’m concerned about:

  1. i feel like i’m not getting the bar off the ground quick enough
  2. i feel like i pause halfway through right before the second pull/jump

Also, I wanted to see if you guys had any tips on learning to squat clean. I don’t want to put too much stress on the knee and would like to be able to squat while catching the weight. Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

the first video is with 175 lbs
the second video is with 185 lbs


don’t know why the second video is sped up…kind of ruins the point of seeing the stop or hesitation but hopefully you guys can still critique it

You should take the time to set your hips. Your starting position is crucial, so take care in setting up -shoulders infront of bar, hips down, chest out… pull more with your legs and less with your arms. Really focus on getting your arms around the bar bar quickly, it’s the fastest movement of the lift.