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Power Clean Form Check

It feels like I am missing something in the catch phase. Am I too extended? Should I bounce the bar off my quads? That feels like cheating…

  1. Keep your heels on the floor. The heels should be on the floor once the barbell reaches your pockets-area of your shorts. That’s where the explosion comes from in the second pull which will naturally cause your heels to rise.

  2. Once the bar is at your knees, bring your hips forward like you are going to jump! Don’t actually jump but try to replicate that movement.

  3. You are bending your arms way too early, and too consciously. By the time the barbell is at your pockets your arms should still be relatively straight (depending on the individual lifter’s own technique). The explosion from the hips causes the arms to bend, not your muscles.

  4. Stop going into a split-stance position, and try catching it with more of a quarter squat. Try to get some speed, and race to get under that barbell.

Check out www.californiastrength.com and check out Glenn Pendlay’s progression videos.

Thanks, that helps a lot!

Great video series, I guess I’ll start from scratch.