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Power Clean Form and Programming Idea

Hey coach.
What do you think of this power clean and clean pull from the other day? I think there’s a bit of arm pull, and obviously I step backwards, but I don’t really know what I’m looking for.
I normally do 531 geared towards increases in the big 3, but have just done an intense period of training leading up to a mock meet, and will be using a home gym (so minimal equipment) over the holidays.

I thought, to take a 2 week break from heavy lifting, I could do something like light power cleans (probably rarely over 60kg if that sounds about right?), pull-ups, kettlebell swings for higher reps, pushups, and upper back work every day, just to keep myself active and sane over the holiday.

Rational is that I think technique work would bring my clean up fairly fast, I am bad at pull-ups and pushups in general, and swings would be for cardio and to try and keep some fat off while stuffing myself.