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Power Clean First Time

Did power cleans the first time today…

A little feedback would be nice…

[quote]Fleshor wrote:
Did power cleans the first time today…

A little feedback would be nice…

Looks pretty decent for first time. Better move up in weight.

What are your goals?

Got interested in oly lifting over the past few days.

So I tried power cleans yesterday.
This was so much fun.
And I want to learn how to clean and maybe how to snatch.

In power cleans your shoulders should be over the bar not behind bar. Increase the weight.
1x8 1minute rest between sets 2 times week with 65% of you’r current max, you can alternate with power clean/power hang clean

Got a pair of weightlifting shoes today.

Some Videos of todays workout:

Power Clean

Hang Power Clean

Back Squat

Clean Grip Front Squat

I have some trouble to squat in that shoes. My butt starts to wink a bit more again. I need to do way more mobility work. On power cleans my weak point is the triple extension I guess. Seems like I use my knees to get contact to the bar. But this stuff is really exciting.

you aren’t extending all the way. think of “locking the knees or squeezing your butt or pushing your feet through the floor” as you pull the weight off the ground. when i clean or snatch that’s what i’m thinking. in order to use all the power in my legs i think push feet through the floor and extend knees!

good luck!

Some Footage from yesterday.

Paused Back Squat 120kg

Snatch High Pulls

Power Cleans

Squat Clean Attempt

Overhead Squat

I watched your videos. Take a look at your first video and “Power Clean 2” also. The main mistake that comes on sight is that you jump backwards. Jumping backwards generates a disbalance when comes the moment to absorb the barbell back, and it feels “best” with higher weight that doesn’t tolerate mistakes in the form. You can see how you sit back on your heels exactly after getting up with the barbell, fixing the slight disbalance generated. You can spot it in the transition 6 to 7th second in “Power Clean 2”. Use a little bit higher weights so you can test your form more strictly, and don’t leave the barbell to pull you down this way after the movement is executed. Release it to fall down free or squat down with it.

For first time, not bad at all.

So it’s a technical issue?

You got some cue’s to fix that?
I do some cleans tomorrow and will see how heavy i can go.

It isn’t something you could call a fatal mistake, but better avoid it. Jumping backwards can cause a disbalance that will be significat issue, and sometimes the jump backwards itself happens to be the fix of another form of disbalance generated during the initial pull itself. Do you have a coach who keeps an eye on you?
I’ve seen people who do it intentionally, and others struggle bad doing it. Even elites sometimes happens to do it in a lift, and in the next attempt they don’t.

Here is a case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTMUEYhwDE

Now, in your next attempts try to “jump” upwards, and land on your feet slightly spreaded, i.e the movement on your feet to be to the sides (a shoe width more in each side, toes slightly out), and while getting up, bring them back closer to the position they were right before the initial pull.

Take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNzd_FcThs - Check out the first two attempts in this video. In both, and especially in the first one, you’ll see an attempt that can be used even for research purporses. Check it out.

As for cleans tomorrow, rise the weight up a bit, so it will be easier to spot issues and mistakes, but be reasonable with the numbers.

Hey Fleshor, great to see you’ve found Oly lifting!

Main things I noticed is that you need a lot more hip extension (same extension you would get when jumping straight up in the air), prouder chest and to engage your lats more.