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Power Clean Critique


I think my form is alright for not having any type of coaching on this lift. Learned from just reading articles and watching youtube videos. I'm pleased with my form but I know there is plenty of room for improvement.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.


not bad kid. better than most I've seen for beginners.

  1. Get your hips lower on the first pull. You start off ok, but then when you go up, then down to initiate the pull, your hips are high. You push the knees back ok, but the tricky part is pushing the knees back while keeping your bum down.

  2. Keep the bar closer to you from the knee to the hip, it should be almost grazing (or actually grazing) your thighs.

  3. Make some contact between your hips/upper thighs and the barbell at the end of the second pull. To do this, finish the pull by bringing the hips through even more and finish that hip extension. Only then, once that hip extension is complete, do you get under the bar. Remember to not use the arms to get the bar up, it should fling up there from the forceful hip !!!EXPLOSION!!!.

  4. Get some oly shoes.

Nice job man, I look forward to more videos.


Thanks a lot for the detailed tips PB Andy. I'm definitely going to be working on all of the above.


You can extend more and keep the bar closer so you make more contact with the bar. Not bad at all and the basics are nearly all there. Good work!



I'd just like to point out that I am quite fond of that song playing in the background.

And uh, everything andy and koing said. Look pretty good considering no formal coaching and whatnot.



Good strength. Nice catch.

Bar should be started over the base of the big toe.
Shoulders should be directly above.
Keep your wrists straight.
Arms should descend by the outsides of the knee joint(which will probably mean your hips have to be slightly lower at the start.)
Bar should be swept in by lat squeeze and transfer from front to rearfoot area through first pull.
(you're too far forward on your feet throughout)
Explode off the high thigh area(only place the bar should touch before the shoulders) with what should feel like a hip punch(and quick flexion following) as your knees continue to extend.
You'll be on the forefeet during the 2nd pull but don't linger there. Get your feet flat on the floor as quickly as possible to prepare for the catch.
Don't spend time shrugging up but, rather, use your traps as if they are part of your arms to pull you downward to the catch position.
I think someone said this but get some lifting shoes. They'll help stability and make the set and catch positions easier.

Remember, olympic lifting is about accelerating the bar quickly from the hip area and after getting your torso vertical(or past), getting under as quickly as possible. Don't think jump but hit and get under. And, you should never feel as though your arms are pulling the bar upwards. They only pull you under.