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Power Clean & Clean Pull

hi everybody,

i am trying to learn power cleans.
i know the best solution would be to have a good coach, but unfortunately i don’t have the chance , therefore i must learn by myself.

i excuse myself if my language will be non-so-technical.

i have noticed that one of my main weaknesses is doing the shrug after i pull/deadlift the weight.
so what i do is to jump under the bar before having completely pulled/shrugged the weight and having reached full extension on my toes with extended legs…
i was thinking doing some clean pulls to improve the first part of the movement… would that be wise? if not, why?
other way to improve the movement?

thanks in advance for your time and answers.

i attach a video of the high pull i found on youtube

thats a clean pull, not a high pull i think thats what you meant to say hehe

my advice is think of the pull as a jump, gta get up on your toes and shrug that weight up as you come up