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Power Clean Caused Lightheadedness


Today I powercleaned for the first time in 1 or 2 weeks.
I was doing fine and decided to up my weight by 5 lbs since I had gotten stronger.
I go for a single of 150 and it comes up easy, but then all of a sudden I become extremely lightheaded.
I quit, walk it off and eat. I go home and shower, and realize there's blood in my nose.

Now 150 is pretty heavy for me, but it's relatively light, so I'm wondering what happened.

I also recently changed to a low carb diet with preworkout carb ups.



Why are you low carbing?


I'm fat, so I'm trying to lose weight.


when i consume alot of caffiene when i have not eaten recently i tend to feel terrible, so try eating some sugar


The blood in your nose may indicate a big rise in blood pressure while you were lifting. A subsequent drop in BP might cause some dizzyness.


Its probably this. I get it occasionally on deadlifts and snatches, too. Just take a knee or sit down so you don't fall on your face.