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Power Clean and Snatch Form Critique


Hey, guys,

I've been coached in the oly lift for a brief period (8week, 3x/wk) and I stopped about 3-4 months ago. I'm 18 and about 177-182lbs but I'm not planning on competing anytime soon, though I have competed after 6 weeks of coaching (90/105 @77). I've just recently added in the power variations to the clean and snatch, and will likely sub in the full lifts over a few weeks/months while switching between each one. I'm just looking for some advice and critique to over my body in the long haul.

I do know that I need to keep the bar closer to my body during the snatch, I have a bad habit of letting the bar drift out just a little.

This was the 3rd set of 7 sets with 137lb(62kg) for 5 reps.

This is the 3rd of 6 sets of 210lbs (95kg) for 3 reps.

You can also go to my channel to see the other later sets to see if any parts of my forms degrades over time to reveal weaknesses.

Thanks for any critique and/or advice and definitely for any compliments. ha



Keep the bar closer on the PS. Finish and try and get up on to your toes. Dont do 5reps. Do 2-3reps and sets of it instead of 5.

PC, your last rep you do a weird split where your left doesn't split evenly. Need to be more aggressive in the 2nd pull and finish a bit more. Not too bad mate.

Just keep it up!



Thanks for the reply and advice, Koing. I can also feel that I don't pull hard enough during the second pull, something that I definitely try to improve each set. And 5 reps it a lot for something as powerful and explosive as snatches. I think that my left foot splits on the PCs because I'm losing power by that rep and I'm trying to get lower to catch the bar without squatting lower.

Thanks again!



Cut down to 2-3reps for PS and S and do doubles for PC and C. It's just technique and training. Not quite trained enough to do a 3rd heavy rep on the PC yet or it could just be an off day. I know I do weird sh!t on my PC when I'm battered also...

But yeah overall looks good. Just keep it up!




In the first pull, you should be driving downward through the rearfeet. You seem to be too far forward on your feet throughout the first and second pulls. And, you are shuffling forward at the catch, which is almost always a clue that the bar is too far in front.

Try not consciously thinking of driving through the toes or shrugging up at the top of the 2nd pull. Rather, hip extend, get your torso to vertical and hip flex quickly, getting down through flat feet again. You're wasting time going up when you could already be going down.

If you're in Ga., come see me down in Savannah some time. And, you should try a meet soon.

Don McCauley