Power Clean and Jumps/Throws

Hi Jim,

Are Power Cleans interchangeable with jumps/throws?

Do you have certain criteria on which to use before deadlifts or squats in 5/3/1 templates?

No, they are not.

Just do them before squats or deadlifts - not all templates include them, though. Since there are probably 100 templates now, Im not going to sift through them for you. But you should be able to figure them out.

Thanks Jim!

So what I understand is that if you template doesn’t explicitely list power cleans or as an optional addition (like SST in the original 5/3/1 edition 2) then don’t add them.

I misread the question/answer section of the book to mean that cleans could be added to any template.

Just depends on the template. Let me know which one you are talking about or which ones - I will try to make it work for you.

I’m honored you’d take your time to do that!

I think I’m squared away with the many templates you’ve provided now that I understand cleans and jumps/throws aren’t optional/recommended for each template.

I just need to pick a template from your menu for 1-2 blocks and do it verbatim. No optional or recommended add-ons unless stated in that template.

Bet you feel like you’re coaching reading comprehension more than training…

Thanks again for your time!