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Power Circuit

Does anyone recall this workout as something CT might have done in the early days? For some reason, I have it stuck in my mind that it is, but I can’t find reference to it anywhere. I think it was called ‘Power Circuit’.

Its three times per week. The first week you do four circuits, the second week you do eight, the third week you do five, and the fourth week you drop back to three but add some weight.

The exercises go in circuit fashion as follows:

Romanian Deadlift - 6 reps (heavy)
Incline Bench Press - 6 reps (heavy)
Snatch (or Clean) - 4 reps (explosive speed/moderate weight)
Push Press - 4 reps (explosive speed/moderate weight)
Jump Squats - 10 reps (ballistic)
Plyo Pushups - 10 reps (ballistic)

Rest up to 60 seconds between movements (normally just enough to change your weights and re-setup). Also rest 60 seconds between the circuits.

The beauty to me with this one is that you can do the whole thing out of a power rack with incline bench being the only thing you have to drag over.

Does this program ring a bell with anyone? If so, please confirm my nueroses. If not… what does everyone think of the progression?

I can’t remember where it was originally published and I have never tried it but the program can be found at dragondoor under strength training articles. Hope that cures your neurosis!

Thanks so much! I guess I wasn’t going crazy when I thought that was a CT work.