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Power Butter

My lady brought home a packet of this stuff called “Peanut Power Butter.” It tastes pretty good.
Here is the nutritional breakdown:
Carbs–14 (6 fiber, 6 sugar)
Fat–20 (omega 3’s-1.5, 6’s-8.8)

Ingredients are listed as peanuts, dextrose, wheat germ, egg whites, flaxseed, flax oil, salt and molasses.

Protein seems high for only having peanuts and egg whites as the sources, but who knows. Check it out.

I haven’t checked out the page yet, but it’s listed on the package as:

I thought a lot of people would be interested in this stuff. Looks like it beats the crap out of any bars on the market.

awsome thanks for that Bro i will check that out…

Sounds like a sex lubricant I used.

The taste is pretty good but make sure you have several glasses of water to get it down! Egg Whites are the main protein source.

That stuff looks good but is very expensive. And it wouldn’t be too hard just to make it yourself.