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Power Butter Sport?


Lately I have been mixing protein powder and peanut butter to get a lot of calories. But I came across a product called Power Butter Sport. And I guess they mix peanut butter, flax oil, and egg whites. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it like real peanut butter? Does it have a similar amount of calories? Is it economical to use a lot of?


Yea, I've seen the same thing a year back or so, was wondering the same thing.


I believe I remember hearing about it, something about it not actually having all the protein it claimed on the label.

It's relatively expensive, isn't it?


I've been eating Power Butter for over a year now, primarily because of the good fats (peanuts & flax), the added protein, and the taste (actually, quite good if you stir the jar well first).

Toast + power butter + fruit spread = decadent snack! Had to cut this out when focusing on fat loss :slightly_smiling:

Whats this about it not having the claimed amount of protein? Not heard that before.


Hmm, just did a search, and came across Shugarts warning re: lower than claimed protein content.

Aww. I actually liked the taste. This is truly a case where ignorance was bliss.


I'm with MODOK. The price is outrageous for what you actually get.


Natural peanut butter
Chocolate protein powder
Powdered egg whites
Flaxseed oil


I've done this before, though not with the egg white (I'm sure it would be the same). Just mix until the consistency or a spreadable substance. It tastes like chocolate peanut butter. Plus you know exactly what goes into the mix.



I saw the same thing. It doesn't claim the ridiculous 30 g of protein per serving that Powerbutter does/did. I think it had just slightly more protein than regular peanut butter. I know the label said "what peanut butter should be" on it. I am not sure of the brand name either. It looks like the same jar, same label, just a different name. The ingredients were the same. I would guess it is made by the same company and is the exact same product as Powerbutter, just a different name and price.


Found It! Its called "Naturally More"


This article says Powerbutter and Naturally More are made by the same company. Check it out: