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Power Butter-> New Type Peanut Butter


Here is another new product, I have recently tried.


If you like natural peanut butter, it is great. The protein comes from nuts and egg whites. Also has flax seed in it as well..


I ordered it recently too, tastes good but Chris Shugart told me it failed label testing recently :-\


In case you missed it:

Power Butter Powerfully Mislabeled

LabelClaimsTesting and Research Triangle Park Laboratories tested it and here's what they found:

Claimed protein per serving: 32 grams
Actual protein per serving: 17 grams

The fat and carb numbers were off too as I recall. Given the cost, you'd at least expect their labels to be accurate.

Skip it.


Really? Wow, never knew that. Thanks! I was getting ready to order another batch, I guess I will stick to natural PB.


There's a similar product from snaclite called Power PB. I can't find any information on whether they've been tested against their label, but there may still be hope for a high protein PB.


Chris, have they looked into MuscleMilk yet?

THATS one protein supp I just DONT believe.




Labelclaimstesting results:



I saw some stuff at the store that was litteraly just egg whites in powder form. Basically it was protein you could sprinkle on stuff. I need to go get me some.

Anyone have any idea how they figure out how many grams of protein/carbs/fats are inside of foods?


They use a really big magnifying glass and count them. It takes awhile. They usually use high school kids and interns since they're cheap labor.


I just tried looking at my peanut butter under the microscope. That was pretty cool i didn't know you could actually see all of those little atoms and stuff. I counted the same amount of macros as on the lable, that made me happy.


i just stick to crazy richards. i keep it out of the fridge, so i just stir it up a bit, and pour it into my mouth. its hard to eat without a drink, but it taste good


I used this but carbs are too high for too much of it on the anabolic diet.

I think label claims were off cause I really thought it held back weight loss when I was busy and ate a lot of it or replaced meals with it


Good question. To me, Muscle Milk tastes like powdered milk, sugar and crushed up candy bars. I don't even get a protein aftertaste. Is this stuff bogus or what?


I'd like to know as well, seeing as I'm currently sitting on about 8 buckets of the stuff. (tastes great tho)


Also, if you read Udo Erasmus' book Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill, you'll see you EASY flax seed oil turns rancid. It is most sensitive to light, air, and heat. I'll bet you 5 to 1, that the flax seed oil in this product is rancid. Hence, the product adds to fatty degeneration, instead of helping to prevent it.