Power Building

I’m not a powerlifter, i’m not a bodybuilder, but I am somewhat of an athlete that likes to look good. So i thought a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding would fit me well. This is what i have thought up for the upper body. It uses the max effort method, the dynamic method and the repitition method, similar to westside but with different exericses. This is what i have came up with for upper body, as i’m recovery from a lower back injury and mostly only doing some light stuff for lower body.

Workouts 1-4
Day 1
floor press/bench press- 3RM
flat db fly- 5x5
seated row- 4x12
3 sets of triceps
Day 2- off
Day 3- Lower body
Day 4- off
Day 5
dynamic bench press- 8x3, 50%1RM
pulldown- 5x5
incline db press- 4x12
3 sets of biceps
Day 6- off
Day 7- lower body
Day 8- start cycle over

Workouts 5-8
Day 1
chins/pullups- 3RM
incline db press- 5x5
pulldown- 4x12
3 sets of triceps
Day 5
dynamic chin ups- 8x2, BW
seated row- 5x5
flat db fly- 4x12
3 sets of biceps

What does everybody think. The way i see it the chest has 2 functions, pressing movements, and fly movements, and i think you need to try both heavy at different times to help with chest development, i was just explaining why i do the flys so heavy. I also make sure i’m doing some type of somewhat heavy pressing at all times either by the max effort movement or 5x5 to help keep my bench press improveing. Same thing for the lats, i think the dynamic effort exercises really help with strength which will in turn really help you produce more mass. Any comments welcome please.

I will probably also add in a few sets of side or rear laterals and some shrugs in there too. I’ve just recently thought this template up and haven’t tried it yet but will be starting it on Wednesday.


Give it a go.
what are you doing for legs?

Right now all i’m doing for legs is some sled dragging because i’m recovering from a lower/back hip injury. I wont be back to regular training for legs for a lil while so.