Power Breathing + Vacuums

I’m used to doing vacuums as per the “Secret of Ab Training” article.

Is it beneficial or necessary to do both exercises? From what I understood, both exercises work the inner abs. TIA, great article BTW, John.


It would really depend on your goal. If you’re just trying to enhance the appearance of them abs, then both would be beneficial, but not necessary.

For the correction of the imbalance mentiond in the article, adding in some vaccuums (as well as stetches for hip flexors, and a host of other things) would probably be beneficial as it would add a bit more stimulus for the TA.

Generally, I’d say that variety is a very good thing. The TA is one muscle–so is the pectoraliz major. You don’t do just ONE exercise for the pecs, so why do so for the TA?

Never hurts to add a bit of change!

Hope this helps!