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Power Breathing, Ruptured a Vessel?


Alright, I was power breathing for 2 minutes.
Then I just was breathing heavy.
Then I power breathed for another 2 minutes, and the last rep I held in for like 5 seconds and then started breathing out. At the peak (when I decided to stop breathing) my heart beat got really fast (almost exponentially fast) and I could REALLY hear it loud in my head (not sure if someone else could have heard it(I've heard of such things)). It seemed to get 4 beats in one second it was so fast. But maybe that's an exaggeration because I'm high. So, this powerbreathing's going on and I'm on weed which makes my heartbeat already go fast.

this is my story and I'd just like to know if I should seek help.


I haven't done any other drugs btw.


The pulse is gone now, but that could be because of pressure.


Sounds like oxygen deprivation. And paranoia.


Or spanking it too much


Well, that goes hand in hand.


Okay, yes I'm paranoid. But I was still fully conscious. Why question that?

Let's say that now I'm really light headed. I didn't pay attention to the thread because friends were distracting me. Another factor to consider.


I hadn't, once. And I haven't after my friends were gone either.


I'll be pissed if my dad has to see this posting. (distrust)


well, something else in hand, but we get the jist.




Maybe your technique was flawed? Were you standing like this?


P.S. Maybe you should separate the weed-smoking activities from your fitness routines?



I was doing the technique as described in that article.

But it is possible I had flawed technique I guess.

But, yes, that's definitely a good idea.

It's just, when I'm high, I get super crazy and insanely ready to lift big.

frank yang crazy. more then that, even.


I'm still high from last night.

I think I'm going to do some squats soon.

Hopefully I don't have a ruptured blood vessel.

It seemed like I did at the incident!

btw, the description of my heartbeat in my head is still as I remember it. No exaggerations!


lol its normal. weed has that effect, and I used to love going on runs when I was stoned because it felt so effortless.


Thanks dude, I really appreciate it.


Well, I occasionally thought it would be good to lift while drunk until one time in college, I got a little too involved in some speed curls (a drunking idea if ever there was one) and curled the bar up into my nose, likely breaking it. It wasn't a big enough deal to keep me from going out to the bars (after all, I'd broken my nose a few times), but I haven't lifted drunk since.



I've worked power breathing into training programs for over 200 people since I wrote that article.

Never had a problem with ruptured vessels.

Of course, I didn't originally intend for people to do it while high.

Either way, it's pretty hard to rupture a vessel, you would had to have been creating an incredible amount of pressure. It's possible, and obviously I would see a doctor, but I have never seen it happen.


Ya know, I'm not dead.

The power breathing actually helps compared to just holding breath.

It's made squatting way less brutal.