Power Breathing: John etal

John and everyone that read the powerbreathing article,I can not imagine why Coach Sonnon would have made such comments about power
breathing regarding martial arts etc…
I can imagine why it would not necasserily be advantageous to do it DURRING the activity but to not use it as a method of conditioning due to some sort of percieved performance deterioration makes little sence so me.

I would even question in many instances as to why you wouldnt use it durring
the activity. I always understood a Kiai) to be somewhat similar to powerbreathing (forced exhalation using the vasalva manouvre all be it you are not resisting as much… so a quicker exhalation, 2 sec opposed to 5). The hissing noise that boxers often make
durring a focussed punch also seems like it is similar to power breathing.
Okay not powerbreathing maybe more a power breath…

I understand what he said in the very last part of the paragraph relating to
throwing/shooting accuracy etc.

Maybe im missing something. Perhaps Coach Sonnon and others more knowledgeable on this topic can


I cannot really speak for Coach Sonnon. All I have to go on in that regard is the interview he gave with T-Mag and the information in his book (which I have only skimmed at this point.)

My feeling is that Coach feels that PB or the VM could possibly do more harm than good. In the martial arts context, it could possibly slow a punch. Sure, if the punch lands, it’ll be more powerful and do more damage; however, a slow punch is easy to dodge, and doesn’t do you much good to make a punch very powerful if you’re just going to miss.

As far as grappling, I think it’s pretty easy to see how the Valsalva would allow you to get chocked out pretty quickly; but only in certain situations. I just wonder what kind of crazy-ass ninja is going to try to hold his breath when some dude has him in a choke hold.

Again, I can’t speak for the Coach, so I don’t really know why he made the recommendations/warnings that he did. Sonnon is a brilliant dude, and knows his shit, so while I don’t know the reasons he made those recs, I am COMPLETELY sure there are reasons.

Hopefully Scott will chime in on this thread and enlighten us.

Hope this helps.