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Power Bodybuilding and Sleds/Box Jumps?


Hey guys, I'm 36 y/o 6'4" 220 around 10-12% BF. I've started doing Mike O'hearns Power Bodybuilding program and liking it so far. I'm not a pro athlete but just like playing basketball and rugby on the side. My main goals are like most of us to put on size and get stronger....but I'd like to get faster and work on my vertical as well. I'm thinking of adding sled drags/pushes and ME box jumps to leg day of the program.

How would you guys add them in?
Do the dynamic stuff instead of the leg press and leg curl machine?
Do the dynamic stuff at the end of the workout?
Do the dynamic stuff on a different day all together?

Thanks for the help guys


Box jumps before lower body sessions, sled drags on off days as cardio. Keep volume and intensity low to start and monitor recovery.


The goal should come first. Getting faster and vertical means working the explosive stuff first. Then follow with the strength work. If time is a concern, leg curl machines are always easy to cut.

Right now I'm a fan of doing explosive work first (clean and press, power clean, etc) then squats and other traditional heavy work, and then finally what I would normally call my dynamic work (a few minutes of jumping, stair master, or the punching bag) because my goal is losing weight.


I love sled pulls, it's my second favorite cardio exercise. I'm not sure about your program (I never done it/heard of it), but sled drags greatly improved my cardio and power.