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Power Blocks? Try Mental Blocks

I need to vent, and i would assume that there are others who feel the same way.

This isn’t your typical “What do you hate about your gym” thread. This is a “what do you hate about yourself at the gym” thread.

I’ve got two equally annoying mental blocks: This might make sense to those who lift at gyms with a whole bunch of different types of plates. First, any time I’m getting set for a lift, I absolutely have to have matching forty-fives. I don’t know why. If i don’t, it seems like the bar is off balance. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve weighed the friggin plates. Yup, you guessed it, they weigh the same as the rest. Neurotic.

I can’t clean worth a damn. That’s the second and most aggrevating one. Maybe it’s cause I’m a messy person outside of the gym, but no matter how much i read about power cleans or hang cleans, any time i pick up a bar it just goes straight out of my mind. My form and focus go to shit and i end up with a few reverse grip cheat curls and walk away.

Am i the only one with gripes about themselves?

Yeah man, the mismatched plate thing is SO annoying. The gym here is alright with plates, but I swear they don’t have two quarters that are the same. They’re not just a little different either, they look SO different I have a hard time convincing myself they both weigh 25lbs.

Definately just some stupid psychological thing, but psychological things account for more than we’d like to admit I think.

It’s like the ‘little weights’ thing. What makes you feel more manly, clean+pressing an oly bar w/ 5 dimes a side, or one plate a side? The 5 dimes are heavier, but it looks pussified. The mind is a pretty stupid thing when it comes down to it. :wink: