Power Belt Time

Time to buy a power belt…choices, choices…and since I know everyone on here has an opinion, let’s hear it. I’ve checked out rawpower (it was reviewed by T-Nation in a previous column). The two that I like the best are from Bob’s Belts (bobsbelts.com) and elitefitnesssystems. (elitefts.com) Before EFS offered a power belt, Dave Tate advised getting his belt from Bob’s Belts. (he said he had a reinforced single prong belt; any reason to get a single prong over double prong?) But now that EFS has their own power belts, I wonder if that would be even more kick ass than Bob’s belts. EFS’s are 13mm thick, 6 stiches. I wasn’t able to find specs for Bob’s Belts. Any suggestions?

I don’t know if they are still around, but Marathon made mine several years ago. They “custom” fitted them based on your personal size to get the center hole dead on. BUT…they were incredibly slow and very bad customer service when inquiring about why it hadn’t shipped. Good product, bad service.


couldn’t find a marathon site, have one?

I have an Inzer forever buckle belt and have been very happy with it. If you order it from Inzer’s website, you also have a choice of about 20 different colors, although it takes a few weeks for them to ship it.

Get a lever belt. No point in needing someone else to tighten it when the lever is so much easier to do it yourself.


Double prong sucks. You only need one prong to get the belt to stay put. Why have two? When its time for me to get another belt, I will be getting an EFS belt.

Marathon is out of business, thus has no website.

I use an Inzer Forever double-prong, and very much like it. I really didn’t like the single-prongs, I found they flexed around in the buckle more than the doubles do, though the double is more bother to do up. I’ll take solidity over convenience any day.

Of course I am a SHW, and it may only be a problem for we of the large belly…

I have also seen the Titan belts, and they are top notch. They appear to be made by American Belt Company…

Levers are great, my only argument against is that they are a bother to adjust during a meet.

Any comments on Bob’s Belts v EFS. Just wondering because they were reccomended by Tate but now Tate sells his own belts. Two Dave’s divided against eachother cannot stand!