Power Bands

I am not really sure if a bodybuilding forum is the spot for this but has anyone tried the power/balance bands? Have they caught on in the US or anywhere else. I am from Australia and apparently their popularity grew in New Zealand. All the footy players over here are wearing them and half the people at my gym have them on.

They are wrist bands you put on that are supposed to increase your core strength by up to 300%. They do this using a small magnet in the band which balances your positive energy or some shit. I am skeptical and so haven’t bought one. Just wondering if anyone from other countries have bought them or tried them?

I think they have caught on so well because it is easier to pay 50 dollars and wear a band than it is to smash yourself in the gym and get the results you want that way…

[quote]thrasher_09 wrote:
All the footy players over here are wearing them

They would get paid to wear them too…