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Power Balance Bracelets Thoughts


So I have been seeing more and more people in the gym and just walking around random placed wearing these "Power Balance" bracelets. Oh and they are stocking in 3 different places w/in the same sporting goods store.
All I know is that they are just holograms embedded in a band of silicone. Personally I do not buy into them and it seems its a placebo effect in wrist band form. Any one have stories/ thoughts?


I have some friends who have it, one sells them, and from the demonstration they gave, they work.

But I don't understand the big hoopla about it. So, I find no reason to get one.


I personally think a shakeweight would give you better results for "optimizing your bodies energy field." You sparked my interest as I had no idea what they were, so I did a google search and had one of those "man, I wish I thought of a stupid idea like that" moment-- but then again I wouldn't want my name attached to something like that.


Those people are unquestionably idiots. I wouldn't associate with anyone that easily scammed. Sign of a weak mind.


Lemme guess, they did the whole balance before and after bracelet thing.


I don't know, I wasn't particularly interested. They're not cute in the slightest.

I think some heavy dude tried to pull down on some skinny dude's arm and the skinny dude didn't move.

Is that what it's supposed to do?


Not quite. The real power of the band is fleecing suckers of their money. Here's the cliffs notes on the grab 'em, scam 'em balance trick.

W/O bracelet on (follow along on the informercial and it always plays out the same) - grab the test subjects arm when they aren't expecting it, pull hard straight out to the side, the victim caves under the lack of awesomeness without the magic bracelet of Narnia

Bracelet on - Let the guinea pig know that you are about to pull their arm, watch as they stabilize in anticipation of it (kinda natural to not want to be pulled to the ground), big guy doing the test pulls straight down on the arm with equal or less force this time. Combination of broadcasting your intentions, plus pulling in a direction that couldn't fell an intoxicated Kate Moss = the magical power of harnessed energies

Truly amazing shit.


OP there already was a thread all about the power balance bracelets.

Like I said in that thread... I have one and I wear it cause it was a gift and I like the way it looks. Does it work? Hell no

The CEO of the company was already ordered by the Australian supreme court to refund anyone in Australia who feels misled by Power Balance and the company has stated that it doesn't actually do anything.


Ya that's what is supposed to happen. I have seen a lot of videos debunking those tests because supposedly when the rep applies a downward force it is towards the bodies center of mass so of course you won't tip over. There is one guy I powerlift with who swears by it but I am by no means bought.

BTW, i'd sooner take a shake weight over one of these


Do you think I could harness my inner energy if I duct taped my driver's license to my dick (hologram side down of course)? Added bonus of having ID at all times!


omg they work!!!

ive been wearing one for two weeks. iv'e increased my bench by 50lbs. lost weight AND gained muscle.


And all of that in like 2 weeks right?

I think you are on to something.


Scam, they use some applied kinesiology tricks to make you appear weaker and stronger. Sorry, didn't read biglifter's posts. He's right btw.


Ha! Looks like the audiophile scammers have moved onto the fitness industry.


I wrapped a couple of them around my wanker.

Now, ev'ah time I get a boner, the lights in the house dim.


Oh you're supposed to use them in the gym?

That doesn't make sense.


And they made your neck disappear



Also in the news...Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets and I want a beer.


people believe in creationism, so what did you expect?


Wear a Paracord Bracelet instead, at least with that you can unwrap the line and choke out someone that tells you to wear a Power Bracelet.