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Power Animal?


Any of you guys ever heard of or used anything from these guys? My source is out of Mex. and this is a new brand they are carrying. I usually use Denkall or Quality Vet because they are legit.
The reason I ask is their anadrol is about $60 cheaper than the brand I normally get. If they are a legit company with quality products, I wouldn't mind saving a little bit of money.
Thanks for your help


I've researched the company, but any company is going to claim that their products are better than the competition. Just looking for someone who may have used their stuff and knows firsthand.


Oh man,
I just feel sorry for you guys over in the states (presuming that's were you're from?).

Using anything seems to be a federal offence, running the risk of 20yrs hard labour.

Instead of going to Mex you need to get friendly with some european. You could probably get your gear for a fraction of the price. D/bol $30 for 100 over here in England.

It's just a pity I'm going clean. :frowning:

PS. I'm not putting myself forward to be your "friend", I just sure there are probably other people who won't take the moral high ground like me, and will sort you out!


Do you mean Animal Power? I have read they are very good. I do not know first hand. They are rumored to be old Ttokkyo Labs. Word is also they are not. Alas, more pricey than QV but very smooth.


Its Animal Power. They aren't as expensive as others and "friends" of mine trust them.



Sorry, I read your post again, can you get it cheaper? I was informed they cost more than QV. Possibly depends on supplier. I am very certain of legitamacy.


Depends on drug and mgs per cc, but overall they are a little cheaper than others.



Thanks for the help guys! Much appreciated. I think I'll give em a try!


not true, any body that believes you should not get involved.


What do you mean "anybody that believes you should not get involved". I wasn't offering any services, it's not worth the hassle I'd get from the wife! I'm no dealer so don't try and make out like I am!!!

Also, what's not true, the price I quoted, the 20 years hard labour, the fact that everything is banned in the States, WHICH?

Fact is I KNEW a couple of BBers who use to send gear to America, it's not unheard of you know and it's no less illegal than going to Mexico, but probably a whole lot cheaper.

That was my point nothing else.


hey, so have you tried getting the stuff from QV? i am planing to try them but reluctant if they are legit....


Qv is legit. So is animal power. BTw qv's drol is expensive compared to just about every other companies drol I've ever seen.