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Powelifter's Grip

If you use a powerlifting grip (with one palm facing you and the other away) for deads and stuff, is it a good idea to alternate the direction in which both palms face to balance gripping strength? Like one set: right palm towards, left away. Another set: right palm away and left towards.


Read Dr. Hartle's comments in that article on this topic.

I had never used a mixed grip until I read an article on Cyberpump a few years ago. In that article, it was basically a diagnosis of a problem in a guys squat. Seems he had a tendency to twist to one side in the squat, and it was causing some back problems. The cause was traced to using a mixed grip to one side only, and once the grip was reversed on subsequent workouts, the problems cleared up. Ever since, I’ve alternated the grip on every set of deads.

Why are you using a mixed grip?

Why don’t you just try the hook grip that Olympic lifters use? Once you get it down, it’ll be more secure than the powerlifting grip, without the inbalance problems. Also, you can avoid bicep injuries that sometimes result from using a reverse grip.

I use a mixed grip in deads as a competative powerlifter and, this may seem strange, but I cannot lift the weight if I change my grip. I supinate my left hand and pronate my right. If I screw with this grip I can barely budge the weight. Maybe this was caused by years(I am 41)of never changing my grip, but it has caused no bicep or back injuries as of yet.

what’s this hook grip? I always see powerlifters using reverse grip. laters pk