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Poweful Image 5/04/05

Why it’s King Kamali that arrogant bastard. Anybody’s thought on ol Kamali?

What a wonderful GH gut.

Following in the footsteps of Joe Piscapo, Steve Martin hits the gym, changes his image and reinvents the King Tut bit.

[quote]S-Lifter wrote:
What a wonderful GH gut. [/quote]

Say it ain’t so.

I don’t know about Kamali, but Steve Martin was funny.

Guy has a really poor chest or it is just really overshadowed by his bloated gut.
His legs are huge, but out of proportion to his upper body.
Seeing a picture like this really shows difference in what the judges are looking for now as say to when Arnold and Zane competed. Because of his lack of proportion, shape, and symmetry, I would think king would have been laughed off stage back in the day.

Im not a Kamali fan at all… what a slob… I hope thats a guest posing pic cause if he showed up to a contest in that kind of shape he should be embarassed… then again if I paid a guy to guest pose at my event and he showed up in that kind of shape … Id be embarassed…

King Kamali is so whack. I hate this guy. I can’t believe supplement companies sponsor him. He’s got a disgusting body. GH gut with wonderful bruises on his arms and we all know what that means. One of the worst bodybuilders in my opinion.

I keep seeing mention of a GH gut. I’m guessing it means a growth hormone gut, but I’m not sure. Moreover, what’s the difference between a GH gut and a “good” gut?

Thanks a lot


[quote]CollinAshmore wrote:
I keep seeing mention of a GH gut. I’m guessing it means a growth hormone gut, but I’m not sure. Moreover, what’s the difference between a GH gut and a “good” gut?

Thanks a lot

GH Gut (which yes indeed is a Growth Hormone Gut) - bloated looking ala that picture.

Good Gut - Normal looking, ala this picture http://www.briansdriveintheater.com/hercules/arnold/arnold1.jpg

I hate the King just as much as anyone else, but isn’t he a bit rotated to the camera thus displaying more of his midsection? It’s not a total side profile.

If you Imagine him turning back to his left with a more direct side profile you might get my meaning.

The thing that’s most disturbing is his fucking headress and shades… Man, that went out with the Iron Shiek…


I don’t understand why his upper body is defined while his legs look so smooth.

I swear I can see his giant, inflamed liver sticking out next the hugenormous Gh belly.

He’s my inspiration…
for what NOT to look like.

Goddamn dink…if not a candidate for the ‘Dead Pool 2005,’ then DEFINITELY a candidate for the ‘Fool Pool 2005.’

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I agree with mrdav2u. Look at the recent pictures that CT has posted of himself. Look at the pictures of his legs, now that is definition.

Looks like a cartoon came to life.
Just very strange.
I used to think Bootsie Collins and George Clinton were goofy. They only dressed goofy. This guy is the genuine article. How do people get like that?
Kinda looks like he is about to let out a big MOOOOOO!

[quote]mindeffer01 wrote:
Looks like a cartoon came to life.

Cartoons are funny. This one just makes me sad :frowning:

Money must be tight. Why else would he pose and be photographed looking so bad. I have seen two bodybuilders in the off season. One was Gary Strydom. He came to Colorado Springs around 1990 to judge a bodybuilding contest. People were begging him to at least take his shirt off, but he never took his sweats off. His face looked a little puffy, but not real bad.

Now Lee Priest, I saw him at the airport in Denver, and I could not believe how fat his face was. He looked like a bobblehead doll of Charlie Brown.

I never liked Kamali from the beginning. I thought he was like Brian Bosworth or Tony Mandarich. He talked all this shit and brought alot of attention to himself, and has proven to be very mediocre. If he were a soft spoken guy, nobody would even know who he is.