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Powders into injectables

Alright, how do I turn my powders into injectables? Do I need a kit or can I do it another way?


It would be best to get Brock’s Renegade Kit. It is supposedly done and ready to ship but there have been some payment processing holdups. Should be available within the week, though.

Could you put powdered winny in oil? Would it last longer or is the half life in the hormones structure? sure would be nice to only inject it every 3 days instead of daily!

I live on the other side of the world, so getting a kit becomes quite expensive once you add shipping, so was looing for an alternative way of preparing my powders. Any suggestions

Lane… You can put winny in everclear or propylene glycol (spelling?) and drink it (since winny in all forms is 17aa)!! No need to stab yourself e.d. btw, and I am not sure about this, but I believe that 1/2 life is determined based on a drug’s chemical structure and how it’s broken down by your body, not the medium it’s in…

The easiest method is to dissolve the powder in benzyl alcohol and add safflower oil; the amount of alcohol and oil is dependent on the ester. Then you inject into a sterile vial with a sterile syringe filter. It’s cheap and effective. Stanozolol can be dissolved in oil but it has miserable solubility and its half-life is not extended, that is a function of the drug’s structure.