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Powdered Peanut Butter


I was wishing they had Peanut Butter flavored Grow! Whey and it got me to thinking. How do you guys mix your peanut butter up in your shakes? I tried and it was just clumps in my drink.

I think John Roman mentioned he used powdered peanut butter and so I checked amazon.com and sure enough they have it.

it seems cheaper than buying it directly from the manufacturer but I don't know with shipping costs. They also have a chocolate version

Nutrition Facts: (6.5 oz./184g)
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Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, salt, and sugar

Serving Size: 2 tablespoons (12 grams)
Servings Per Container: 16

Amount Per 2 Tablespoon Serving (*when mixed with water):
Calories 53.2
Calories from Fat 16.8

% Daily Value*
Total Fat
1.87 g

 Saturated Fat	

0.34 g

 Trans Fat	

0 g

 Unsaturated Fat	

1.53 g

0 mg

77.6 mg

Total Carbohydrate
3.4 g

 Dietary Fiber	

0.48 g


1.66 g

5.65 g

Vitamin A (IU)
Vitamin C (mg)
Calcium (mg)
Iron (mg)

  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

has anyone else tried powdered peanut butter? It has fewer calories and I was thinking it might be great with Grow! Whey, or Superfood, or just baking.


the idea of powdered peanut butter makes me want to never ever eat again (of course that would never happen, because besides from the fact you need to eat to live, you also need to eat to build muscle - which is more important)


why would it make you never want to eat again?

please tell me you are tougher than that =)


Why not use a blender ? If you do not have access to one when you are ready to have your shake, why not pre-blend the peanut butter with the liquid? Then you can just add the pre-blended mix to your protein powder.


I don't want to clean the blender after every shake. And I was thinking this would be good for convenience, less calories and better mixability.

I haven't tried the peanut butter in a blender but I don't see how it would emulsify it in the shake. Does it? I would think the ratio of peanut butter to liquid would have to be fairly equal, but I haven't tried it.


I have had success in blending peanut butter in my shakes only when consuming them immediately after they have been blended. I am not sure how pre-blending would work. It MIGHT have a tendency to seperate. Only my intuition tells me the pre-blending approach would work.


oh no. they divided by zero didn't they? shit....


The ratio does not have to be 50-50. Just add a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter to your liquid.


Thanks for the suggestion butherman I will give it a try and still order the powdered peanut butter and give that a try.

  1. If the PB is gunking up the blender, use less and add it after you've got the blender running.
  2. Mix three or four shakes at once, put the carafe in the fridge, and wash it in the dishwasher at the end of the day.


another good suggestion

thank you





YAH!!! that is the website I was checking out!

i like that they have sampler packs

thanks for letting me know it doesn't taste like old dirt =)

I was hoping it wasn't too bad


Reeses cup + milk + Protein powder = :smiley:


I tried this during my contest prep, thinking that it has less cals, and can be added to my oatmeal. Bottom line,... it's not fooling anyone. I now sprinkle it on my dog's kibbles each morning, she's a big fan :slightly_smiling:



you add candy!!! haha!

hhmmmm well maybe not what I was going for, but I was thinking of adding the powdered peanut butter to chocolate Grow!

that or making protein muffins with it


oh no!!!

it sucked?

I suppose everything is a matter of taste as phatkins gave it a thumbs up.

even as a mixer it was a no-go for you?


I should've been more specific...only a mixer for me. I don't like the chocolate peanut butter, either. Go with the original and you should be satisfied. I'd say it's tastier and MUCH easier to mix than many natty PBs.



Been a fan for about 3 months.


Never try Walden Farms' "PB". My god.