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Powdered Milk PWO

Last month i was in australia and had not whey so I bought some powered milk, and took that after I trainined. It seemed to work pretty well. Now that I am home, and have access to whey would it be good to still use a little milk? I was thinking 20oz or so mixed with 90gr of gatoraid and 40g of whey (Sizzle and burn II)?
WHat do u guys think?

Man, I can’t imagine the taste of milk and gatorade, I think it would be pretty foul. But nutritionaly, it wouldn’t be bad. Also, powdered milk is maybe one of the cheapest protien powders out their. Mixing it with whey might have a decent effect. I know why is digested pretty fast, milk takes a little longer. Plus, the lactose in milk adds some much needed PWO carbs, and mixed with Gatorade you should be on the right track.

Sorry …Milk is consumed seperatly hahahahhahaha