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Powdered BCAA's for PWO Mix

I was wondering what is the best powdered BCAA brand out there?

I am not hating on Biotest’s but I prefer to mix powdered into my water for when I workout and PWO.

I have had some cheap stuff that never mixes well. It usually ends up as a gritty, medicine-y sludge at the bottom of my bottle.

I use ON or Higher Power

Xtreme formulations ICE BCAA. It’s kinda pricey but it comes in different flavors (it doesn’t taste like shit like regular powdered BCAA’s do) and Berardi recommends it.

I mix half ICE BCAA and half ON BCAA 5000. You still get the flavor from the ICE BCAA and can save a few bucks buy also using the less expensive ON brand.

It will all eventually dissolve just shake your container every few minutes after initially mixing.

I like Xtend. I mix it about an hour before drinking so it is dissolved.

true bcaa have trouble mixing in liquid. Any of the powders will probably give you the same mess…

I just toss the powder in my mouth followed by a couple swigs of water and call it good.