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Powdered AAS with Androsol

I’ve access to powdered Stanozolol, Methandienone, and Oxymetholone, as well as a few other AAS. Which, if any of those listed, can I put directly in my Androsol and receive benifit. If it is possible, how much of each, either alone or in combination in the same bottle of Andosol, could/should I use?

All 17-alkylated steroids will be much
more efficiently absorbed orally than
transdermally. In the case of methenolone
acetate, which is not 17-alkylated, it would
be a closer contest but I expect oral is
still maybe twice as efficient.

Find yourself some way of metering the dose
of powder you want, and take it orally. For
example (not that this is particularly good,
but it requires no equipment) if you have
say five grams of powder, divide into 4 equal
piles, divide one of these into 4 equal piles
again. Now you have a pile of about 300 mg.

Now use the point of a steak knife, or some
other narrow blade, pick up a little pile
that you can do consistently, and see how
many knife-tips of powder comprise the 300 mg
pile. If 30 knife-tips, then 10 mg per knife

This will not be super accurate, but steroid
doses need not be super accurate anyway.

Much better than transdermal.

Could you just put the 5g in 100ml of sterile water and use it oraly?

Yes, you could, and you would not even need sterile water if using it orally, just whatever water you usually drink.

Only thing to watch out for is whether, when you shake it, you really do get an absolutely even distribution so that whatever you draw off the top, for example with a syringe (not that
you’re going to inject, but just to measure) is just as concentrated as stuff on the bottom.

For this reason I would rather dissolve in
near-200-proof ethanol. I believe I posted
the solubility of stanozolol in ethanol a
while back in response to a previous question.
A solution is the same concentration everywhere so there is no question.