Powder Recipe Advice

I have been reading up on recipes and the most common oral preparation for dbol and winny seems to be straight everclear to dissolve the product. I am inquiring if anyone has used A combination of Benzyl Benzoate 18-20% as your dissolving solution and then distilled or bacteriostatic water for the rest. Not opposed to a small percent of BA or Ethyl to keep it sterile. Just looking for a better option than straight everclear. My research has provided that BA and BB are both used in food and vitamin production in small doses as a preservative, so ingesting in small percentages I would think are okay. Also, for years people have been getting winstrol inject that creates too much PIP and the advise is to just drink it (in a lot of cases) which would also make me believe one could ingest it. I will give a recipe example and anyone who may have an opinion feel free to give input.
Winstrol at 50mg/ml
38ml water
2.5grams powder
1ml BA (2%)
9ml BB (18%)
I was thinking maybe BA at 1% and maybe BB at 15% or whatever minimum amount to dissolve would be… this is an oral suspension so I expect to shake it well before using a calibrated 1ml eye dropper for dosing. The same recipe will be used for oral dbol. Anyone EDUCATED in these topics or having experience with a similar recipe your input is greatly appreciated