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Powder Pricing

I have a legit source for powders, I’m just wondering if they price is reasonable. What’s a good price for Tren Powder and Test Powders?

are you talking domestic, or overseas source?

It also depends on the ester. Which are you interested in?

Here’s what I get, and what I’ve seen other places as well…

Testosterone, per gram, for a 50g purchase…

base, $0.60
propionate, $0.70
decanoate, enanthate, cypionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, undecanoate, $1.60

Tren, per gram

base, $10.00
acetate, $10.00
enanthate, $10.00
hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, $20.00

I’m talking domestic

The domestic pricing I’ve seen was 2 to 4 times what overseas pricing runs.

typically they want some serious minimum orders as well.

I would love to find a solid domestic powder guy that didn’t need me to order a half of a kilo minimum.

The source I use can ship from within the USA if the order is over $1000. It can also ship from some European countries if the orders are over $500. Otherwise no minimum order and it ships from China, as I’m sure most powder sources do.

It seems a bit steep to order that much. While I’ve never had a problem getting my order, unless you run an UGL or sell to a bunch of friends, $1000 is way overkill. For $250 bucks I can run well over a year-long cycle of high-dose gear (not that I would).