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Powder or Pill Creatine?


What's the best creatine out there? And which is better, powder or pill form? The guy at my local shop was really trying to sell me on this pill form creatine, then I noticed it's his house brand so he could be full of crap. Your suggestions?



Youve been a member (for over 3 years) of a forum that exists because of a supplement company. You cant really be asking this question, can you?

Buy some creatine from this store and enjoy your Mr O physique in 6 weeks.


Flupavo, you realize that pills are usually just encapsulated powder right?


LOL 6 weeks. Are you retarded? If he's just doing creatine it's going to take like 10 weeks.

OP: You have stack NO-Xplode & Creatine if you want the Mr. O physique in a month.


Damn, I was kinda hoping for 2 & 1/2 weeks, where's the steroid forum?

Jk, So I should just get the one on this site then? haha silver that's funny, no I didn't know, the guy was going into all this technical shit how pill form has a totally different effect and using big words. He was also trying to sell me CRE8 , but I didn't buy anything from him.


A basic monohydrate is all you need, and Creapure (which this site does sell) is apparently a bit better as well, although I haven't bothered to look into it due to it not being that important to me.

Nonetheless, this site does sell creatine for a competitive price and would be a good options.

Some pills are specially designed to avoid release in the stomach (enteric coated capsules) which could be important for compounds which degrade in stomach acid, however this does not apply to creatine.





I heard that this kind of extreme stack will impair ones judgement so much that it may lead a person to post pictures of their bare ass on the Rate My Physique forum. Any truth to that?


Creatine in a pill form is downright stupid. Buy the cheapest stuff you can find and dissolve it in hot water, mix with fruit juice and drink. The stuff on this site is inexpensive enough for me and, as I recently ranted in another thread, they deliver it to your door for free.


You do realize it's just like how prescription medications come in a variety of forms. If pills are easier for you to remember to take, buy the pill form. Don't like swallowing pills? take the powder form.

Easiest for me is powder. Slip it in my powdered Gatorade I have every workout, never forget.


1 Buy powdered Creatine Mono and a bunch of empty capsules.

2 Fill capsules with Creatine Mono

3 ????

4 Incredible Gains/Profit


Coming from someone who makes capsules in a pharmacy setting with the proper equipment. It's A LOT harder than it is typed on a forum for the average Joe to do. Take it to a pharmacy that may or may not do it for you. I thought about doing that for my powder in the pharmcy and it would have probably been me doing it and ya I am way to lazy to make my own lol.