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Powder ID

I have a question for the homebrewers of test e. Have you melted your powder and had it solidify? Or did it stay liquid?
I asked because over the last several months I?ve accumulated four 20 gram bags of
test e. All arrived as a white powdery substance. For shits and giggles I warmed them to get them to melt. When the first two cooled the ended as a white waxy mass.(normal?)
But the last two stayed as an amber liquid?different shades. The last two will freeze as an amber solid but remain liquid even at 66F (ambient)

All products came from the same source. I contacted them and asked if maybe they sent the wrong stuff. They assured me that could not happen.

There is an ?air? of mystery??

Any thoughts??


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They somehow failed to connect with the morphogenetic field.


Thanks for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to answer but…wtf?

I’m over six feet tall and that went right over my head :slight_smile:

Do you mind typing a bit slower so I can understand what you mean?


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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist what was to me an amusing one-liner.

But I figured you were left no worse off than before, anyway, since the actual answer is, I don’t know.

The melting point of TE is pretty low, only about 98F.

Sometimes it is hard for low melting point substances to recrystallize.

It seems very unusual that two samples remained liquid though for extended time, even to date, at as low as 66F. It is also seems very unusual that differently packaged samples of what is supposed to be the same thing are behaving differently.

I would think it most likely that those two differ from those that did solidify, and the difference might be accounted for by these being, rather than pure TE, an admixture with some other substance – even a minor percentage of something else could interfere with recrystallization.

But I really don’t know, it would take experience with the exact compound in that situation, which I don’t have. And you would need better certainty to be able to properly accuse of being impure.